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Snow Palms, Intervals: an interview with Dave Sheppard

Illustrators interpret the tunes that make up a beautiful new instrumental album by Dave Sheppard.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Snow Palms by Grace Coombes
Snow Palms by Grace Coombes.

If, like me, you are partial to a bit of modern classical music, then your must buy album for 2012 must be Intervals by Snow Palms, a collaborative project between musician/composer David Sheppard and numerous other creative types. Channelling the repetitive strains of Philip Glass and intricate, polyrhythmic bleeps and glitches, Intervals is an eerily beautiful and hypnotic album that you will want to play over and over again. Just don't call it World Music.

david sheppard Snow Palms
There is a dizzying array of instruments featured in your album… who played them all and which was the one you fell most in love with, perhaps surprisingly?
The multi-instrumental Christopher… read more

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University of Brighton Illustration Graduate Show 2011 Review: the 80s

Illustration with an 80s flavour from Brighton illustration graduates Pat Bradbury, James Hines, Dan Woodger, Grace Coombes and Joseph Prince.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Detail from Dan Woodger. There was a certain 80s flavour going on at the Brighton Graphic Design and Illustration Graduate Show, story with strong playful graphics in a limited colour […]