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Graduate Fashion Week 2010: The Gala Show Finale!

After 20 shows, 40 exhibition stands and some incredible British fashion talent, it was time to find out who scooped the top prizes at Graduate Fashion Week, on Wednesday 9 June…

Written by Matt Bramford

Shinsuke Mitsuoka

The world of fashion is notoriously fickle and grabbing the attentions of a fashion crowd for any extended period of time seems tricky. Catwalk shows do their best with an array of light shows and thumping soundtracks which could sometimes do with a warning.

Nottingham Trent have prepared it all for their outing at Graduate Fashion Week with glossy door staff, medications designer goody bags and even a rather trendy loitering DJ (wearing a somewhat dubious puffa jacket). They’re raring to go, remedy but there’s just one cog in the works; a serious lack of bums on seats. Well, there is of course the age old excuse of being fashionably late, but even the pinched smiles of women ferrying around have started to crumble.

All becomes clear as a dull thudding bass infiltrates the theatre and the sound barrier takes a bashing as the trill of hundreds of screaming girls hit the roof.… read more

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Graduate Fashion Week 2010: International Show

Things got very strange at the Internation Show at Graduate Fashion Week, with spooky head coverings and acryllic bustiers… Bekkie Gilbert checked out the graduate collections from Amsterdam, Basel, St Peterseburg, Munich and Singapore…

Written by Bekkie Gilbert

An androgynous Autumn/Winter collection kicked off Northbrook college’s graduate show with Rhea Field’s take on tuxedos with a twist. The nude and black palette teamed with the surprising use of […]