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Film: An Interview with Jessica Lux

War photographer, Award winner, Film-maker. Louisa Lee talks to Jessica Lux.

Written by Louisa Lee

All Stills from 'Join The Dots' by Jessica Lux

Jessica Lux is a film-maker who has had her share of interesting life experience. She rejected a place at Oxford to study English at UCL, viagra approved wrote for Private Eye, The Times and Time Out after graduating before flying off to Uganda to photograph Lord's Resistance Army War. After returning in one piece, she has now gone on to be a film-maker who has already achieved accalaide in the field by being voted one of The Observer's Future 50 "movers and shakers" of Art and Design in the UK.  Louisa Lee sits down to discuss the remarkable journey of Jessica Lux.

You studied English Literature at UCL. What drew you to film from English Literature? I was never very interested in the discipline of literary criticism. When I went to study English Literature it was because I wanted to write novels. After my degree, I kept focussing on writing but it was a miserable old business. It’s so solitary. Everything just became words or something waiting to be converted into words. I was continually thinking:… read more

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