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Bare Bones-Maurice Einhardt Neu Gallery

Bare Bones- Stripping Illustration down to Bare Necessities

Written by Valerie Pezeron


So, approved Lets tackle the name situation. (A few months ago these fellas were known as Starfucker) I was on your blog reading the suggestions that fans sent you and my favourites were Rad Stewert and Wasabi Lube…

J: Oh, buy more about I don’t like that one at all!

That was my favourite!

J: You can have it! I dunno if you play but whoever suggested that would be stoked to know that there was a band called it I’m sure.

Pyramiddd was the one to go with?

R: Not necessarily, viagra 100mg I fucking hate it.

J: Not really, I kinda hate Pyramiddd too.

I got that vibe when I read that blog, there seemed to be a little tension surrounding the issue…

J: The thing that sucked was that we had to pick it so quick. We rushed into it, We were releasing our 7'' here and everyone was like “What… read more

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