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MT Warning on the making of Midnight Dawn with Taylor Steele

Mikey Bee describes his unique collaborative process with film maker Taylor Steele, who helped shape not only the video for Midnight Dawn, but the entire Midnight Set album.

Written by Amelia Gregory

MT Warning by James Grover

MT Warning by James Grover.

Mikey Bee (aka MT Warning) was playing a solo show in Australia, when American film-maker Taylor Steele happened to be in the audience. Intrigued by the performance the film-maker approached the musician with a different way of writing songs. “How would a song sound from a man sinking into the ocean?" Together they pushed the idea of a song telling a unique tale while being part of a visual story, the result is MT Warning's debut album (out March 24th) and a series of engrossing videos and live visuals, created in partnership with Taylor. The video for lead single Midnight Dawn is one such film, Mikey Bee takes up the story;

We needed a beginning to the new album 'Midnight Set'. We were in the middle of the album that we felt was going to be a story of a day and a lifetime, so we decided to soundtrack… read more

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