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Hannah Georgas: an interview with Hannah Georgas about her self-titled album

Meet Canadian singer songwriter Hannah Georgas: mixing beautiful vocals and electronic beats to perfection. Featuring lots of fab illustrations.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Hannah Georgas by Morgane Parma.

We in England may not be too familiar with flame haired singer songwriter Hannah Georgas, but back home in Canada she has understandably been making major waves since she launched onto the scene with her debut album This is Good in 2010. In her new album she deftly combines a delicate acoustic feel with catchy melodies and a lush wall of electronic beats. From stunning opener Elephant, through the beautiful but revengeful Somebody to the thoughtful Robotic this whole record continues in an elegantly wonderful vein that perfectly suits Hannah's crystal vocals. Here's hoping she will return to visit us again soon.

Hannah Georgas_Tristan Casey
How did you learn to sing and make music?
My mom put me into piano lessons when I was very young. As soon as I started to… read more

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Camberwell College of Arts: Ovo Show Illustration Graduate Show 2011 Review – Downstairs 2

My final instalment of the best of Ovo Show features fab work from Jennifer Crouch, Alice Devine, Anna Suwalowska and a trio of illustrators with truly great names: Tendayi Vine, Kunyalala Ndlovu and Morgane Parma.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Illustration by Anna Suwalowska. Now for the final round up of the best of Ovo Show from Camberwell College of Arts illustration graduates. Penny Klein used simple swathes of paint […]