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Save Our Souls: Camberwell College of Arts Illustration Degree Show Review Part 2

My second round up of the Camberwell Illustration Degree Show - this is what I like to call the Best of the Rest... including work by Myrto Williams, Andrew Thorpe, Paddy Jone, Nina Malysheva and a display by Sprouting 56

Written by Amelia Gregory

For the launch of Amelia Gregory’s (Editor: Amelia’s Magazine) wonderful illustration anthology in which illustrators illustrated the range of alternative energy sources. The artists were asked to illustrate the walls of Concrete Hermit. Two of the participants Liv and Jess have subsequently formed an interesting project called Pencil Chit Chat in which their conversations happen entirely through their drawings. Culminating in an exhibition soon to occur at the Front Room in Cambridge. Liv and Jess will each have a side of the room in which to draw their conversations live. Part of the remit of the project is that in real life Liv and Jess have barely met and the illustrations arrive in the post.

Liv:It was at the drawing on the walls day at Concrete Hermit back in December. But I don’t think we even had an extensive chat at all. We were getting into the scribble zones. I was really impressed with Jess’ wall. It looked so bold and vibrant.

Jess: I remember Liv commented on my good use of type and I watched her slowly throughout the day and thought “wow”

How did you become to be involved in Amelia's Anthology?

Jess: I’d already done some stuff for Amelia and thought it was a fantastic opportunity to get involved in.

Liv: My local toon is intrinsically involved in environmental policies and it has positively rubbed onto me. I feel strongly about 4x4 vehicles. I have a… read more

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Activism in the community: Plane Stupid/ Climate Camp combine with locals to target Heathrow’s runway plan

Welcome to Sipson - a village that would be completely wiped out if Heathrow has its way, but is also seeing activists and locals team up to fight the third runway

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Site entrance: the sight that greets you as you enter Vineries Close at the end of Sipson Lane Question: How do you use direct action that really engages and aids […]