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Earth listings 21st – 28th September

What's happening this week...

Written by Adam Sutcliffe

Explore the mindset of protest movements, learn from previous campaigns and make your own affinity group, this week is all about getting ready for action, wether it be at the Climate Swoop in October or campaigning against your local Tesco.


Illustrations by Sinead O Leary

Global Wake-Up Call

Monday 21st September

A flash mob extravaganza, on the 21st of September people will be gathering at hundreds of locations around the world. It's an opportunity to vent your frustration against the government's lack of initiatives towards climate change and to raise awareness of the issue. Check all the events all ready happening on the website or alternatively set up your own
and register it online. Avaaz and partners will help turn out a group of fellow-citizens to participate in each event, and send you all the information you need. Remember Global leaders have only three months to get their act together and sign a strong Climate Treaty in Copenhagen.

Tourism and climate change
Tuesday 22nd September

An event to look at the problems relating to the tourism Industry and the threat of climate change. What can be done to lessen the impacts from… read more

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