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An interview with Swedish musician Lykke Li

The enigmatic genre-defying starlet takes time out to talk to Amelia's Magazine at a recent gig in London

Written by Kat Phan

Photography by Lee Goldup

Sweden is a small country but it has produced some big exports. Whether it’s infectious pop, this web affordable furniture or fashionable, well-priced clothes (take a stab at guessing the brands!), the Swedes know what it takes to satisfy their consumers. Now if we extend these categories to 'hip young musicians’, you'll find that they have their bases covered here too.

We first featured Lykke Li back in February 2008 when she was just an emerging artist, relatively fresh to the gig circuit. Since then, she has well and truly blossomed amongst the underground and commercial elite of the music scene, building up a set of credentials to leave most of her peers looking on with green-eyed envy.

She released her debut album 'Youth Novels' to critical acclaim in 2008 and has since performed with The Roots and hip hop legend Q-Tip,… read more

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