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Photography exhibition: ‘New York Sleeps’

Abandoned squares and silent train stations paint an unusual and spellbinding picture of the metropolis of New York. Christopher Thomas’ photography exhibition is showing at The Wapping Project Bankside until 26th February.

Written by Jessica Furseth

View from Rockefeller Center

Whether you blame Woody Allen or Carrie Bradshaw, discount we all feel like we know New York a little. I’ve listened to Candace Bushnell’s heroine wax lyrical about ‘her’ New York enough times to understand that New Yorkers feel about the Big Apple the way us Londoners feel about the Big Smoke. Or at least that’s what I gather, visit this site never having actually been to New York myself. But being surrounded by Christopher Thomas’ gorgeous, pilule sweeping photographs of New York, the city has been nudged yet another few steps up on my list of must-see places. Even though there isn’t a person in sight, the images show a city brimming with character and soul.

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