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Planet Control: Bruno Novelli

Brick Lane Gallery, 196 Brick Lane, Friday 13th-22nd 2008

Written by Mole


Planet Patrol is a series of ongoing live urban art events held at various venues in and around London. The concept behind Planet Patrol is to present some of today’s most in demand and sought after urban artists, purchase prescription in an environment which allows people to witness live art/music & visuals all under one roof. Aside from the regular London events, this site prostate Planet Patrol recently held it’s first global sessions tour of Japan, troche Bruno 9LI one of Brazils most talented street artists was invited over to create live art whilst DJ Aya provided the necessary musical back drop.

Screen prints & original pieces from the likes of Eelus, SheOne, Dan Malone & Adam Koukoudakis were also on show. Planet Patrol held a total of three live events, these included Tokyo, Osaka & Fukuoka. Bruno 9LI created three mind-blowing canvases, one for each event, these took up to a total of fours each to complete. The lucky few who had been invited to these events witnessed live art from a truly dedicated and highly skilled master of his art!

Planet Patrol have Just released a very limited, signed, numbered & embossed silk screen based on an original piece that Bruno created for the Tokyo event! Bruno’s next exhibition will be taking place in August at the Annno Domini gallery in California, Planet Patrol will also be exhibiting the new silk screen & an original canvas from the Japan tour at the Burning Bridges group exhibition to be held from Friday 13th June – 22nd at the Bricklane gallery, 196 Brick lane, London.

Mr Bruno Novelli has also designed the cover of Issue 9 of Amelia’s Magazine…..

Silk screen available from
Tour photos:

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2 Responses to “Planet Control: Bruno Novelli”

  1. Suzy says:

    Such bold colours!

  2. Anno Domini says:

    Thank you so much for posting Bruno’s work, and we’re looking forward to seeing the cover!

    For those interested in Bruno 9Li’s original work, his follow up solo exhibition in the U.S., META, will debut on Friday, August 1, 2008 at Anno Domini, California.


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