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Creative collective ‘Plats’ have an exciting new project that they want you to get involved in. All you have to do is submit a description of how you would interpret the word ‘Plats’, along with some examples of your work, and you could be part of the upcoming Plats exhibition in London and also find yourself in the next Plats printed publication. I spoke to Emily Robertson, one of the founders of the collective, in the hopes of getting some helpful hints from her… What is ‘Plats’ anyway?

“Plats is a Swedish word that translates as space or place. We believe that the creative space where we make/draw/think is important to our practice. When (other founding member of Plats) Sophia and I graduated from Glasgow School of Art we really wanted to keep the idea of the studio going, even if we didn’t have one, and so Plats was born.”


Also within this talented community is Laurie Innes (graduate LCC, also a founder), Graham Kelly (Artist), Nadja Bournonville (Photographer), Katherine Rose (photographer) and Shielagh Tacey (artist). So, with quite a few members in their merry band already, are Plats looking to recruit even more talent through this new project? Or are they just looking to lend a helping hand to other creatives? Or maybe even shoulder to cry on?

“We are opening up Plats to other creatives because we thought it would be fun to collaborate and work with some of the very talented people we have met since graduating and get them involved in our group. We want to keep a feeling of community and dialogue between ourselves and other creatives. And, also, we just thought it would be a lot of fun!”


Plats have been having lot’s of fun recently, if Robertson’s recollection of their last show in East Germany is anything to go by…

“The show in Leipzig was brilliant. We were invited over there by Anna Louise from LIA, who has a space in the Spinnerei cultural community and were told we could do anything we liked with the space as long as we also made a mural. I was worried for a bit because we had not seen the space until we got there but it all turned out swimmingly and the show looked great. We had people popping in all day to see the work and to eat cake with us. In the evening we had a showing of Laurie’s film and he did a little performance thing with it, then it became a little party. We really had lots of fun and hope we can do lots more events like it.”


So what are Plats hoping to get out of their next exhibition?

“I guess what we hope to gain from this is a showcase of work that we believe is exciting, thoughtful and should be seen by everyone, along with a publication that backs that up. Oh, and world domination but, shush, don’t tell anybody that…”


Find out more about the open submission brief at the Plats site. Don’t be slow about it though, because the deadline is August the 15th!

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