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The exhibition/symposium Silent City is “a reaction against shows such as the RA’s “Earth: Art of a Changing World” which have the tendency to “present the West as a vision of classless ecological justice”, pill whilst clearly in reality (as we saw in Copenhagen) prioritising the needs of the developed nations. As to be expected Copenhagen was relatively quiet on progressive debate and active politics and rather noisy on producing something vacuous, at the bottom of which, try all the important (see ‘right’) Countries signed.

Despite reservations from ‘developing’ countries on the bill, the ‘developed’ countries appeared to throw all manner of strops to get what they wanted.


“These hybrid creatures are constructed from insects taken from display cabinets. They act as reminder of the fragility of the natural world. Seemingly discovered from the world of the unknown, these imagined hybrids act as a canvas to subject our anxieties on to and allow the viewer to consider new forms of existence.”


Cara Nahaul

Silent City is an exhibition in four parts, the first, coming up in April focuses on “environmental balance”. Acting as a symposium, the show will “address the issue of climate change with particular focus on its impact on the Third World. Silent City evokes the idea of major global cities remaining silent, contributing little to effectively combat climate change.”

A documentary by Francesca Weber-Newth and Sally Mumby-Croft

Mauerpark Berlin – Ein Kurzfilm (Mauerpark Documentary Trailer)

What you need to know:

The Exhibition

Silent City wants to address “the global geopolitics of environmentalism. Typically, climate change events have failed to address these issues that concern both the global south and post industrial nations. In light of this, many people have become apathetic and disillusioned about the prospects for change.”

By producing a publication which features the work of both students and specialists, the curators hope the further the discusstion that climate change does not exist only within scientific debate, but that it is a pervasive aspect of all our lives.

If your tired of watching the debate on TV, reading about it in the newspapers or the apparent lack of action with regards to climate change, get involved! Think about what is possible – what did you want to see discussed at Copenhagen? What was missed off the agenda, what are the politicians and static art exhibitions missing?

What would have to happen to make nature only be able to survive in artificial spaces

What would have to happen to make nature only be able to survive in artificial spaces? Emily Whitebread

“Developed out of a series of conversations I was having with a physicist, Robert Plant. This particular question came to me when I was watching the 1972 science fiction film Silent Running. In the film Earth’s plant life has been destroyed and only a few specimens remain. These plants and animals are preserved in greenhouses in space. The space ship in which the entire film is staged really reminded me of the Eden Project in Cornwall. I began to think more abut the Eden Project and was curious to know how this artificial environment could become a reality, which I explore in my film – turning a situation of normality into a space for catastrophe.”

Deadline: 15th March 2010. Please send submissions and queries to Artists please send images of your work, a statement and what you would like to produce.
Writers please send examples of writing and what you intend to write for publication.

The Exhibition dates are 22nd -26th April 2010.
Film Screening date TBC.

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