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Hats for Kate: New headwear from Canadian Designers to welcome the British Royals

As the Royals arrive in Canada for their state visit Hats for Kate showcase some of Canada's less newsworthy activities. With names like Bully Beaver, Tar and Feathers and Climate Denier, there's no shirking the issues with these creative designs.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Hats for Kate by Amy Rogers
Hats for Kate, approved Bully Beaver, abortion by Amy Rogers.

If you’ve been reading the papers you will know that our Kate and Wills have arrived for their first state trip in Canada, price in Alberta to be precise. In honour of their visit to the home of the Tarsands *the most destructive project on earth* some lovely Canadian designers have put together a range of possible hats for Kate to wear.

Hats for Kate, Tar and Feathers, by Gabrielle Brittney.

The hats were commissioned by Environmental Defence Canada and will be modelled today for the media in Ottawa.

Hats for Kate by Fawn Carr
Hats for Kate, Tar and Feathers, by Fawn Carr.

Needless to say they’ve been planned to show a more accurate picture of Canada than the Royals are likely to be shown – a *highlight* will be the impact of Tarsands extraction, busy damaging the Canadian reputation globally.

Pipeline Medusa.

The eight hats represent new and old Canadian themes and include:

Maple Beatrice – an adaptation of the hat that got us all talking hats.
Tar and Feathers – to mark the day Canada achieved infamy when a flock of ducks mistook a massive toxic lake in the tar sands for a good place to land.
Kate’s Road to Avonlea – in honour of Anne of Green Gables.

Climate Denier.

In the UK our very own UK No Tar Sands Network has been giving them some press. There should be banner advertising running on Grazia today… and of course I couldn’t resist asking a few illustrators to have a go. Follow UK No Tar Sands on Twitter and see more hat designs at Hats for Kate.

Tar and Feathers.


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