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Malaysian born conceptual fashion designer James Hock creates ‘new basics’ which appear at first to be deceptively simple but on closer inspection reveal a host of tiny features which make them special. Here he describes the inspiration and process behind his new AW15 collection.

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‘For AW15/16, I’ve maintained the concept of ‘new basics’, or unconventional basics, that the James Hock brand has come to be known for. I’ve played on the usual aesthetic and looked towards a sportier direction this season. I like the concept of the tracksuit or the matching two-piece and have created pieces that are in line with that but in a very simple, versatile style that are incredibly cosy – perfect for the chilly months – but that are still very luxurious. As always, fabrics throughout the collection are mainly natural – cotton, silk velvet and wool felt, but I’ve also used some polyester and lycra to emphasize on the ‘sports’ element. I think the outcomes have provided something coherent, but a little different to my usual style.

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Most importantly, not just for AW15/16 but with everything I do, creating pieces that are gender neutral is important and that definitely come through with the strong, at times structured silhouettes – especially in items such as the wool felt jacket and the HOPE sweatshirt. I adorned pieces, including the hand finished envelope clutch bags, with the words LOVE and HOPE with the aim that customers, even myself, can interpret these words in their own way, and I also wanted the collection to have a positive energy when in the past, it has been a little heavy on melancholy. And of course, for our customers to feel comfortable in what they’re wearing and how they style pieces to their own taste is always essential.

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Lastly, as with all my collections, I’ve created some great accessories that can be mixed and matched very easily, including some bunny ears or horns (depending on how you see it!) hand-knitted beanies that match the hand-knitted jumpers, and again, all our knitwear is made in England. As mentioned, we also have the LOVE and HOPE wool felt envelope clutches, which are individually treated so the finish for every bag is different.

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We’ve had fantastic feedback so far, so I’m really excited for the coming season. The full collection will be available to purchase online later this year on the James Hock website at

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