Amelia’s Magazine | Jasper Garvida: London Fashion Week A/W 2012 Catwalk Review

Jasper Garvida A/W 2012 by Amy Smith

After seeing KTZ at the main show space at Somerset House I froze on the spot for longer than was necessary. My camera battery was dying (as per at fashion week) and I was exhausted. Should I make the trek up to Bloomsbury to catch Jasper Garvida? Yes, I know the journey from Somerset House to Bloomsbury isn’t of Captain Scott proportions. Well, clearly, I decided to go or I wouldn’t be writing this review. Anyway…

Jasper Garvida A/W 2012 by Emily Robertson

All photography by Matt Bramford

Jasper returned to the Bloomsbury Hotel‘s grand ballrooms to present his collection. As I took my seat I wondered how it was going to work – at one end of the catwalk (floor) stood an aggression of photographers (a collective noun I’ve created myself), at the other end, a brick wall. It transpired that models were entering from the middle and doing a loop, which must have been pretty taxing.

Cheers then – those photographs you’re taking on your iPhone are lush… can I have a copy? Grrr…


I haven’t been to one of Jasper‘s shows before but I’d heard good things and our Alia interviewed Jasper last season, so I was keen to see what he’d present this time.

Jasper Garvida A/W 2012 by Amy Smith

The show began with simple neat tailoring in a camel colour, embellished with big gold buttons. I don’t know if the seats were a little lower or the heels bigger than at other shows, but these models were enormous. I almost felt quite scared as they lurched towards me. Long, fitted dresses that were perfectly tailored hung off them effortlessly, though.

The collection then brought pleated skirts with mesmerising digital prints. These were cut just above the knee at a level where neither femininity or morals are compromised. Jasper certainly knows a good silhouette.

Then came fitted jackets with tight-fitting cropped trousers. More intriguing prints here, along with more gold buttons and oversized zips that added a real luxurious flavour to the collection. One jacket, with a high collar and sweeping neckline, featured stunning gold embroidery on each lapel.

My favourite pieces were to be found at the end of the presentation. Long black body-con numbers were reminiscent of 1990s Versace – carrying gold embroidery around necklines, harness straps and thick gold chain draped casually across the torso, and I’ve already earmarked a shorter number with huge gold tassels draped from the shoulders for my next red carpet walk.

Jasper Garvida A/W 2012 by Sophy Henn

It’s a bold woman (in vertiginous heels) that is a Jasper Garvida woman; a woman who oozes sex appeal and isn’t afraid to celebrate their femininity.

The lighting was a little awkward to work with, hence why my photographs are a little sub-standard in this review. They don’t do this superb collection any justice.

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