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Jewellery Connections 2011 at Platform in Hatton Garden

Last week the Platform Showcase in Hatton Garden was home to a very special and home-grown exhibition. New work from around 80 jewellery designers was showcased, and there were some real treasures.

Written by Miranda Williams

Steph Davies by Holly Farrington
Steph Davies by Holly Farrington.

Led by Camden Council, viagra order Jewellery Connections was a partly-funded project that worked with up-and-coming and newly-established designers from around the capital. It was a good-spirited idea, created to encourage creativity and collaboration from those specifically working in the jewellery mecca that is Hatton Garden. For some of the designers, it was the first time that their collections had been shown to the public, and after 18-months of hard work, and waiting, nerves were obviously running high. I went to have a look on the late night opening, and after happily accepting a freshly baked cupcake, or two, was pleased to find that my eyes were as satisfied as my taste buds. These are some of my personal highlights…

Steph Davies - Silver Diamond Locket
Silver Diamond Locket by Steph Davies.

Steph Davies‘ collection Diamond Day drew me in pre-cupcake, before I had even reached the door. Her work was in the front window of the gallery, two pendants intriguingly strung from a metal display. I’m a big fan of minimal, edgier jewellery and Steph’s design are just that. When I asked her to describe her work in three words she tells me, ‘structure, control, industrial‘ – an ethos I appreciate. Each piece is hand-made in silver at her London workshop, and for this collection she is inspired by the form of diamonds. I learn later that nature is a recurrent theme in her designs, previous work having been influenced by feathers and bones. I liked the simplicity of Steph’s jewellery – the idea of wearing a diamond, but stripped back to it’s simplest form, it’s shape. Finer details such as the garnet, and the diamond charm that reveals itself as a locket, also really impressed.

Sarah Eyton by Holly Farrington
Sarah Eyton by Holly Farrington.

Inside the gallery it was surprisingly quiet for a late night opening. I wandered around the display cabinets, taking in the delights from designers such as Jessica De Lotz, with her selection of reworked vintage trinkets, to Laura Gravestock‘s intricate fine jewellery. I then came across Sarah Eyton‘s work – a name I was already familiar with. On display were a couple of Sarah’s Kismet cuffs, a super modern design, which will catch your eye even if you’re not familiar with her name like me. Each cuff is made from Perspex, using laser technology for a super fine cut and then heat moulded into the desired shape. They’ve become a popular item amongst the fashion press, and rightly so, as they are a pretty useful piece of jewellery – unusual enough to be worn as a statement, but also suitable for every day. I liked the pale green and classic black, colours which really help show off the intricate detailing on each cuff.

Amy Keeper by Holly Farrington
Amy Keeper by Holly Farrington.

After a quick chat to one of the gallery assistants, who told me that the previous night had been busy with jewellery lovers and buyers, I wandered back to check I had not missed anything in the rest of the window displays. Just to add, Platform is a non-profit organisation that was set up to support designers, so I thought it was great if the designers did get to see some real sales from an event like this, and have it all pay off. On my second view of the windows, I stumbled across something that I couldn’t believe I had missed when I arrived.

Amy Keeper - Magnifier Pendant Sterling Silver, Gold and Black Rhodium Plated, Rock Crystal
Amy Keeper’s Magnifier Pendant Sterling Silver, Gold and Black Rhodium Plated with Rock Crystal.

Hidden in the bottom corner of the front window was the lovely work from Amy Keeper. I read later that Amy’s work is inspired by a spyglass from a favourite children’s story. The collection has a special and unusual combination of vintage charm and optical heritage. The necklace and ring were the most striking pieces, and the whole collection is made from sterling silver, with gold and black rhodium plating and finished with semi-precious stones. The collection really wowed me – I felt there was a story behind the jewels; a mixture of polished, clean metal but with an unidentifiable shroud of mystery. Amy’s work certainly shows a level of sophistication that justifies the awards she received whilst studying at university. The magnifier pendant won the prize for my favourite piece; I loved its lucky-talisman quality.

Platform Showcase is located in Hatton Garden, and is open Monday to Saturdays.


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