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Central Saint Martins: Ba Fashion Graduate Show 2011 review. Print.

Wonderful print in particular from Holly Fowler who made amazing jewelled maxi dresses, and also from Alfhild Kulper, Ayako Ohori, Lucie Sutton and Annabel Luton. Showing on Tuesday 31st May at the graduate show at York Hall, Bethnal Green.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Holly Fowler CSM Dress by Claire Kearns
Holly Fowler by Claire Kearns.

I'll always be a print kind of girl - I have a degree in printed textiles after all... and have you seen the way I dress? - but at some of the graduate show stands it seemed that clashing colours had got totally out of control, shop pushing the boundaries of what even I can deal with. On the whole Central Saint Martins students chose to take a more considered approach to print. My favourite work came from Holly Fowler who went a little bit Mary Katrantzou, a little bit Holly Fulton and all out maxi with her stunning oversized jewel prints on… read more

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