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Delorean by Daisy Delaney

4×4 the new exhibition at PayneShurvell opens on Wednesday, more about in association with the anti-design festival. For four weeks, the gallery will be home to four separate exhibitions each on view for four days. The first curated by James Payne, features Daisy Delaney’s Dreams of Desire.

The doors of the gallery are currently nestled between two cars customised by Daisy for the Liverpool Biennale 5 and 6. The biennale sponsors appearance on the cars (a Pininfarina Fiat Coupe 20v and a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV) mimic the advertisers stack usually associated with racing car tournments. The spoiler -added by the artist- on the Pininfarina Fiat Coupe 20v evokes the Fast and the Furious trilogy as the sports car image is transformed into that of a drifting car.

Upon entering PayneShurvell the viewer is greeted by the framed remnants of Delaney’s most recent performance. These beautifully presented receipts document an interaction between the artist and several unaware cashiers of major London Galleries. The act of consumerism encouraged within a gallery space is made apparent by Daisy’s act of deciding and controlling the order through which the purchases passed through the tills .

Sensation by Daisy Delaney

By presenting the receipts within frames along the crisp white walls of an exhibition space, the viewer is provided with the opportunity to reconsider the ‘everydayness’ usually associated with a receipt. Elevated by their presence in the white walled gallery, there is time to muse over the thought, that at some point a designer would have been required to design the layout in accordance to individual Galleries requirements (as discussed by James Payne in an introductory tour) of something most of us throw away without event a glance.

This Wednesday (8th September) PayneShurvell will be open from 6-8 and Daisy Delaney’s Dreams of Desire will be showing until Saturday 11th September.

Wednesday 15th September: The opening of an exhibition curated by Dermot O’Brien exploring the use of text and typography within works of art, the show will include Ian Whittlesea, Daniel Rapley and Gary O’Connor.

Ian Whittlesea has devised ‘Sol Sans’, a typeface with a singular purpose to allow anyone to rewrite Sol LeWitt’s Sentances on Conceptural Art.

Ian Whittlesea, ‘Sol Sans Typeface’

Wednesday 22nd September: Edward Vince presents Matthew Robinson and himself in ‘How Am I Not Myself’.

325 by Edward Vince

Week four opens on the 29th September with the gallery transformed by the requirements of sound art in the last exhibition ‘Silencer’ curated by Mark Jackson. This exhibition will include ‘Not Playing,’ Corrado Morgana’s handicapped helicopter which despite the players best attempt will never take over. Lastly this show will include Audio Research Editions’ ‘Real English Tea Made Here,’ a sound piece which includes tapes by Willam S. Burroughs previously unheard in the UK.

Amelia’s Magazine had the pleasure of visiting a PayneShurvell preview of 4×4 on Friday and will be visiting the gallery each week to see how this ambitious project plays out. We recommend you do the same.

PayneShurvell: 16 Hewett Street, London, EC2A 3NN
4×4 runs from 6th September to 2nd October 2010.

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