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An interview with Jack Bailey: Amelia’s Colourful Colouring Companion featured artist.

Lincoln University graduate Jack Bailey creates busy landscapes full of intriguing characters in motion.

Written by Amelia Gregory

JACK BAILEY illustration
Jack Bailey was one of the fantastic new illustrators I discovered at this year's New Designers graduate show who answered my callout to take part in the colouring book open brief. His energetic art is created on a large scale then turned into fantastically busy pictures like his colouring book page, inspired by the game of Ultimate Frisbee.

JACK BAILEY illustration
Where do you find inspiration for your characters?
The inspiration for my characters comes from a mix of sketching outdoors and making loose marks on a large sheet of paper. When I apply the loose marks to a piece of paper I relate back to my original outdoor sketches and start to interpret the mark as the shape of a body or a facial expression. The characters barely resemble the original sketches however I find studying from life allows me to interpret the marks made in a variation of… read more

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