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Welcome to the unique world of Tobacco and Leather- part one

Amelia’s contributor Elizabeth Johnson met up with pioneering illustrator Tobacco and Leather to get the lowdown on her unique style

Written by Elizabeth Johnson

double mode JPGlImagery throughout courtesy of Tobacco and Leather.

As we all know, site the internet is awash with fashion blogs with many focusing upon the fashion choices of the blogs’ author. This is where Tobacco and Leather (aka Abbey Watkins) differs. An incredibly talented illustrator, recipe Tobacco and Leather posts her work alongside some of the most pioneering fashion editorials being produced across the world.

Fashion illustration really is due a resurgence, as it is the antithesis of “Fast Fashion” with a rich heritage, that provides influence for designers creating clothes today. You only need to look at the many Vogue covers created by Eduardo Benito or George W Plank in the 1920’s to see how powerful an illustration can be at portraying the magic of fashion.

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