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Best of D&AD New Blood Graphic Design Graduates 2011

Best of the New Blood graphic design graduates at the show in July 2011. Favourites include Charles Van Der Essen, Samuel Jones and Julia Kisselmann.

Written by Amelia Gregory

New Blood show review 2011 Dawn Cooper
Illustration by Dawn Cooper.

Shh, adiposity I know that the D&AD New Blood exhibition was held absolutely months ago... but I would rather play catch up than leave all this talent behind. And besides, this blog was all prewritten - I just needed to post the bugger. Here then are the best of the graphic designers that I found, with possibly a few illustrators thrown in too as it can be hard to distinguish between the two at times.

New Blood show review 2011-Dawn Cooper
There was some wonderful work at Bath School of Art and Design: illustrations for The Outsider by Albert Camus illustrated by Dawn Cooper produced some beautiful prints.

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Kingston University: Illustration and Animation Ba Hons Graduate Show 2011 Review. Upstairs.

Absolutely adored the work of so many Kingston illustrators: here's Ellie Tzoni, Jason Munro, Eve Lloyd Knight, Tom Clohosy Cole, Abigail Read, Henry Wood, Hey Gyeong Jang, Patricia Voskova, Jack Hughes, Sam Falconer, Sarah Maycock and Emily Rudd.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Lobster by Ellie Tzoni. The illustration on display at the Kingston graduate show, sales Highs For Your Eyes, sick was of an overwhelmingly high standard, cheapest so much so that […]


Hudson and Klonek: A Plasticine Englishman and a Woodcut Pole

Hudson, Trolley Gallery, London, Klonek- Kemistry Gallery, London

Written by Gareth David

A Saturday night in downtown Kilburn saw the long awaited (and, case decease considering it was recorded about 18 months ago, treat long overdue) launch of Horses for Courses, more […]