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Save Our Souls – Camberwell College of Arts Illustration Exhibition

Camberwell College of Arts steps forward to present their illustration graduates for 2010, at the Nicholls and Clarke Building, Shoreditch - featuring drawings, mixed media work, fashion, film and sculpture…

Written by Matt Bramford

Soulfire Illustration Kayleigh Bluck
The Soul Fire Restaurant illustrated by Kayleigh Bluck.

A gourmet three course meal served up by a world class chef (Charlie Nicoll, visit web cure formerly of the River Cafe) - at a festival? You could be forgiven for thinking you'd just heard wrong. But this was exactly what I enjoyed on Friday night at the Soul Fire Restaurant at Secret Garden Party this year.

SGP 2010-soulfire yurt by Amelia gregory

Guests were encouraged to book their place online, order and the restaurant (housed in three cosy yurts backing onto a kitchen preparation area) was busy as soon as we arrived for the first sitting at the leisurely hour of… read more

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