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Exhibition: I have this strange kind of feeling and I just can’t place it…

While both Christopher Adams and Clara Cowan have worked in arts events, fashion and photography for a combined eleven years, Folie à Deux is a new collaboration which sees them in direct and complete control for the first time. So what have they been busy planning for us?

Written by Ed Gosling

Charly Coombes and the New Breed Live
Charly Coombes and the New Breed are a contemporary rock and roll band, salve hailing from the same nest as Supergrass. They are currently working their way around the UK promoting their latest EP, medications Waves, and offer a great blast of rock and roll freshness through the musty sound waves at the moment.

You can buy tickets here and check them out at the followign venues:

25th Nov-The Cape Of Good Hope, Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK

26th Nov-Wycombe Academy, Buckingham, UK

27th Nov-The Cellar, Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK

1st Dec-Nice n Sleazy, Glasgow, Lancashire, UK

2nd Dec-The Duchess, York, Yorkshire, UK

4th Dec-The Soundhouse, Leicester, Leicestershire, UK

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Live Music Review: TV Nights

A nu-folk night at Ronnie Scott's? Whatever next! Luckily for us it was a joy from start to finish, and gave us a sneak peek at the exceptional talent emerging from the current folk scene.

Written by Rachel Clare

Bobbin Bicycles wall Bobbin Bicycles by Natasha Thompson. I first heard of Bobbin Bicycles just over three years ago, shop when as a nascent bespoke bike company they contacted me […]

Festival Review: Truck 2010

A wandering woolly monster, a vicar serving ale, and a line-up of singers and bands that define the term 'shit hot'; there is no other festival like Truck.

Written by Cari Steel

aeon festival Illustration by Faye West. This will be my third year at Aeon, stomach and for me it’s been a wonderful, nurse stress-free experience, cialis 40mg no queues, suffocating […]