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Festival Preview: the Eden Sessions

In the most unexpected (and magical) setting lies a two week festival about to begin, to find out more, you need to step inside the greenhouse.....

Written by Cari Steel

kyla la grange
Glastonbury-June-2009-Climate Camp
Can it really be a year since the last Glastonbury? Last year, this web for the first time, Climate Camp was given it's very own space in the Dragon Field just above the Craft Field as you wend your way down to Shangri La. This year we're back to once again educate and entertain festival goers at our beautiful site only a few minutes walk from the Old Railway Line.

Glastonbury-June-2009-Climate Camp workshop
Glastonbury-June-2009-Climate Camp paddling pool
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Album Review: Broken Bells – Broken Bells

An unlikely collaboration, yet with sterling results

Written by Rachel Clare

Photo courtesy of Rachel Lipsitz Yeasayer kicked off their show at the very hot and sweaty Heaven with ‘Odd Blood”s opener track “The Children”. This seemed like a bit of […]