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Handmade in Britain 2009

Written by Rachael Oku

Yesterday a group of activists joined representatives from Canada’s First Nation communities to protest against RBS’ continued funding into Tar Sands.

Tar sands is a particularly oily soil which is extracted by using huge open pit mining, advice prostate leaving huge 75 meter scars in the wake or by ‘In Situ mining’ which requires huge amounts of natural gas to operate.

Tar Sands extraction is also the dirtiest forms of oil, pharmacy producing 3 to 5 times as much Co2 per barrel as conventional oil, which shows a desperate attempt by corporations and governments to profit from oil no matter the cost to the environment.

These ‘oil sands’ are found predominately in Canada, which means the US can look to have less reliance on oil from conflict regions such as the middle East. However it doesn’t stop them trampling over Indigenous communities in Canada,… read more

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