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An interview with Alberto Arcangeli: the musical maestro behind Pop Down The Rabbit Hole

Italian Alberto Arcangeli is a musical wonder: he played every single instrument on his debut album and he's just won a prestigious animation prize for his video for Wheels and Love. But, by day, he is a finance manager. Read on....

Written by Amelia Gregory

Alberto Arcangeli by Gigi Gray
Alberto Arcangeli by Gigi Gray.

He's gained plaudits as far away as China. He blends genres and styles in a totally inimitable way, look all by himself. From the dreamy pop of Wheels and Love to the psychedelic title track Pop Down The Rabbit Hole, find this album is a real gem. Meet Alberto Arcangeli.

Your debut album Pop Down the Rabbit Hole is completely composed, played and produced by you - how did you set about making this happen? And why on earth did you chose this surely most difficult method?
I began writing and recording songs by myself as soon as I started playing as it came naturally to me. I had a 4 track recorder and I just thought that it would have been simpler and faster to learn how to play all the instruments, rather than explaining to someone else how I wanted them to be played. In addition, I like working with other musicians, and I often ask for their suggestions,… read more

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