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Visual Music

The curator of The Book Club's 'Visual Music', Alex Marshall talks to us about semiotics, Fantasia and the universal mirror of Art. But he insists, that it all may be bullshit.

Written by Amica Lane

This work may not be reproduced without the permission of Matteo Patocchi, viagra order try
All photography by Matteo Patocchi

When coming to chose a degree upon my emancipation from the grim steely hell that I refer to as ‘high school’ I had had intended to pursue Fine Art. But whilst browsing courses in the UCAS guide, pill I came across a course entitled ‘Live Art’ that struck my fancy, diagnosis due to it’s proclivity towards video art and installation, which I considered to be a very interesting and an undervalued aspect of art that was mostly overlooked in favour of more traditional art. Never one to turn away from the chance to do something weird… read more

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