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Inside The Book Club: How East London’s coolest new arts venue came to be

The Book Club's Creative Director and Art Producer tells Amelia's Magazine all about how the business launched, the artists they pick and why The Book Club isn't just another East End venue...

Written by Amica Lane

Illustration by Rachel Lewis

I live in a state of perpetual disappointment that I was born in Hounslow in 1986, information pills see and not New York in 1943. In my dream life, I would be sitting in New York culture hotspots; watching The Velvet Underground one night, Ginsberg the next and have a general sense of anticipation about the evolution of the cultural revolution, which took place in small multifaceted venues mostly situated within Greenwich Village. Up until recently my ambitions to sit in such establishments, smoking cigarettes and experiencing ‘happenings’ looked as if they would continue to go by unactualised. That was until I stumbled across read more

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Visual Music

The curator of The Book Club's 'Visual Music', Alex Marshall talks to us about semiotics, Fantasia and the universal mirror of Art. But he insists, that it all may be bullshit.

Written by Amica Lane

This work may not be reproduced without the permission of Matteo Patocchi, viagra order try All photography by Matteo Patocchi When coming to chose a degree upon my emancipation […]