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Bright Lights from the Dark Ages

Idler launch / New Economics Forum seminar

Written by Tom Russell

By definition, patient treatment Documentary Photography as an artistic genre attempts to capture truthful, web objective, accurate images which are undistorted by interpretation. They provide a record or ‘evidence' of social and political situations with the aim of conveying information. According to film theorist Paul Rotha, “Documentary defines not subject or style, but approach. It justifies the use of every known technical artifice to gain its effect on the spectator.” While it may be best described as a mindset of the photographer, the purpose of this approach to photography greatly varies; from the straightforward need of recording, revealing or preserving, to more passion driven motives such as persuading or promoting, analyzing or interrogating.

Kiryl Smaliakou

With these understandings and interpretations of this interesting arts category in mind, I attended the preview of Wake: Newport's Documentary… read more

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