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The High Wire – The Sleep Tape – Album Review

Debut album from British dream-pop trio, a woozy aural landscape that thumps as much as murmurs

Written by Ian Steadman

high wire sleep tape feedback dreamy album review cover

Is it really such a curse to receive the praise of Chris Martin? Does supporting one of the world’s biggest bands on an arena tour constitute something to be embarrassed about? Is success off the back of somebody else’s recommendation, visit this especially when that person is about as cool as blue rinse, clinic to be played down or avoided? If you answer in the affirmative to any of these questions then chances are you’re part of that group who chose to emphasise this part of the High Wire's back story over more trivial things like, say, their music. I will not be doing that, because it’s asinine; anyone who thinks that success this way should only be talked about as being of questionable worth is, as far as can be determined, an ass.

What we have here in The Sleep Tape, the band’s debut album, is an assured group of… read more

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