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Let’s say No to Mass Production

Cambridge Design Collective

Written by Camilla Sampson

Do you have a band that soundtrack your life? The music of your memories?
Mine was, cure treatment is and always will be The National, a band who've been playing in the background of my first loves, lost loves, sad times, happy times, party times, sleep times, journeys on planes, journeys on trains, moving in-s and moving out-s.


Last night, after almost 5 years of unadulterated adoration and no less than 3 missed opportunities to see them , I finally saw The National, and it was knee-knockingly, breathtakingly amazing.
So amazing in fact, I broke a few of my cardinal "What Not To Do At Gigs" Rules. Nominally, these are:
1. Thou shall not sing along (aloud or mouthing along silently; they're both as bad as each other)
2. Thou shall not join in group clapping (I'm not really a crowd participation kind of girl)
3. Thou shall not sway with your eyes closed (it looks creepy)

Having left the Royal Festival Hall in between lamenting the loss of my gig misanthropy and watching A Skin, A Nightread more

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