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Ejectorseat Arts Festival

There was knitting, sketching, music and art galore at the EjectorSeat Festival, Southampton, on Saturday 5 June

Written by Jenny Robins

I always look forward to the Northumbria University BA fashion degree show for two reasons. One, price because it's always effing good - the innovation, salve technique and creativity on display is second to pretty much nobody at Graduate Fashion Week. Secondly, I studied at the university, so this review might seem like a big fat plate of bias - I assure you, though, that it isn't.

Nestled on the front row in between Style Savage Steve and the ever wonderful Hilary Alexander (who bopped, sketched and scribbled her way through the show) I was a little concerned that my big lens (baaaooowappp) might block the view of either of these fashion journalists. Neither said anything though, so I think I got away with it...

Opening the show with an explosion of glam-rock-meets-Elvis-meets-read more

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