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An interview with street artists and filmmakers Peru Ana Ana Peru

The co-founder of LAVA Collective chats to the Brooklyn-based multimedia artists.

Written by Paddy Walsh

Peru Ana Ana Peru are Brooklyn-based multimedia artists. Their bizarre, pharmacy colourful creations can be found all over the streets of New York, brightening up the city’s darkest corners and entertaining passers by. In their own words, they leave 'keepsakes around the city for others to find.' They produce fine art, which can be seen as an extension of their street work, and they also make films. Peru Ana Ana Peru are bursting with creativity and their artistic output tends to be eye-catching, witty and brilliant. I caught up with them last month to reminisce about their visit to the UK, and find out what they had been up to since then.

Peru Ana Ana Peru came to London late last year to take part in a LAVA Collective group show. They have fond memories of the trip: ‘London was great. There was a nice energy about the place, at least that's what we gathered from the small time that we stayed. Definitely would like to spend more time out there if and when we can. LAVA was amazing, and working with them was a pleasure. They brought together a massive show that was very special and that people seemed to like'.

Earlier this year, Peru Ana Ana Peru were invited to take part in the Eames Re-imagined project, in which artists were invited to… read more

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