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Mighty Oaks Foxes Woodland School in Norfolk

Artists Red K Sanderson and Tim Sanderson have launched an inspiring project to create a mobile woodland school in The Clearing in the Norfolk Woods. You can support their vision on Indiegogo crowdfunding website now!

Written by Amelia Gregory

Mighty Oaks Foxes circletime
Red K Sanderson and her husband Tim Sanderson have set up an inspiring group for parents and children in the Norfolk woods and now they plan to take their idea one step rather with the creation of the Mighty Oaks Foxes mobile woodland school. It's an inspiring and visionary plan which will benefit some very lucky children, so when I heard about it I just had to share the idea more widely... who knows, maybe their dream of an interconnected Modular Microschooling System will become a reality.

Mighty Oaks Foxes nature mandalas
What first inspired you to start up the Mighty Oaks Foxes group and where did the name come from?
RED: I started running our parent and child group Mighty Oaks in September 2009 when my first daughter was 9… read more

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