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An interview with artist Jessica Albarn

You don’t want to mess with faeries. Well, at least not the ones in Jessica Albarn’s beautifully illustrated storybook, The Boy in the Oak anyway…

Written by Kat Phan

Like most girly girls growing up, viagra 60mg my bedroom was decorated with various shades of baby pink and faerie-inspired memorabilia (I say most, stuff but the latter could have just been me). I had faerie bedspreads, sickness faerie lampshades, faerie candles, faerie wind chimes (no, really) – I had no idea of the concept of taking things too far. If there was an image of one of those illuminated delicate, dainty little figures slapped onto anything (including mugs and toilet rolls), it had to be mine.

Although I have since grown out of my faerie-loving phase (and into other crazy obsessions my good friends will tell you!), the child in me still gravitates towards stories about magical otherworldly beings, the innocence of youth, and pretty much anything that takes me back to my childhood. It is for this reason that when I was asked to do a feature on Jessica Albarn’s storybook, The Boy in the Oak, it was with… read more

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