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Thumpermonkey Lives! : “We Bake Our Bread Beneath her Holy Fire‏” : An Album Review

It's Free.

Written by Gareth David


We don't often review works of the Metal category in Amelia's. The reason for that is that it's dominated by emotionally retarded angries who didn't get on all that well with puberty. (For those of you wondering why that is, price I have done some research which has uncovered this tale: Clever man called Tony invents new style of guitar, and forms band to share it with the world. Sadly, he forms this band with a vocalist called Ozzy and a lyricist called Geezer, who could only write songs about martians, dragons, goblins, Satan, war, pigs, and hating your parents. This was extremely influential, and is estimated to have ruined around 16million lives worldwide.*)
Thumpermonkey Lives! are a bit different. Obviously, they still like the big scary chords, and the chugging sheer forceful meatiness of it all. Otherwise, we couldn't class them as Metal. Yet their universe is one that is at once more real and also more profound than fans of Sabbath-derivatives are used to. And also very silly-and-loving-it, at times.

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