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London 2012 Paralympics Games Illustrated

A celebration of Paralympics athletes in illustrations. Just don't call them inspiring...

Written by Amelia Gregory

Ellie Simmonds by Daniel Castrogiovanni
Ellie Simmonds by Daniel Castrogiovanni.

Much has been written of the Paralympics: with the press dwelling on life stories of 'inspiring' athletes and the athletes in turn pleading with fans to concentrate on their physical achievements in sport. Between my family and friends we simply expressed our utmost admiration: for, like Olympic athletes the Paralympics athletes, are in awesome physical condition. They can boast a level of fitness that most of us can only dream of (or work extremely extremely hard for) and their sporting feats outstripped what the ordinary person is capable of, despite any physical or mental shortcomings.

David Weir by Ruth Joyce
David Weir by Ruth Joyce.

Like many others I've never paid much attention to the Paralympics before, but then again I've never watched the… read more

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Written by Amelia Gregory

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