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An interview with paper artist Rebecca J Coles

Rebecca J Coles creates vibrant paper assemblages, often featuring repeating butterfly silhouettes – here we speak with her about her influences, artistic processes, and what the New Year might hold in store.

Written by Caitlin Sinclair

Rebecca J Coles

All photos provided courtesy of Rebecca J Coles

Where did you grow up, and are there aspects of your childhood which you see as being influential on your work?
I was born in Bath, we moved to Yorkshire a few years later until I was ten, and then returned to Wiltshire which is where I grew up. The only aspect from my childhood which I can see as being influential to my work is that I was always creative as a child. My mother was an infant school teacher and very artistic, so it was natural to be making something whether it was a den in the garden or cutting out paper and making collages.

Rebecca J Coles
You now live in Frome, Somerset – what is it like to be living and working as an artist there?
Frome is a… read more

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