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Exhibition Review: A World of Glass – Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg at Camden Arts Centre

Nathalie Djurberg’s first solo exhibition in the UK is a must-see installation combining glassy objects, surreal ‘claymation’ films and an exquisite soundtrack by Hans Berg.

Written by Caitlin Sinclair

Nathalie Djurberg A World of Glass - Andy Peake
Photography by Andy Keate.

The Nathalie Djurberg exhibition at the Camden Arts Centre greets you with a rainbow-like ceiling installation, before plunging you into an altogether darker space.

Nathalie Djurberg A World of Glass Andy Peake
In the middle of the first room, three large tables are lit, displaying hundreds of glasslike objects – vessels, urns, vases and household cutlery. Djurberg has said she wanted to create a shipwreck effect, but another way of describing the translucent odds and ends collection is that it’s like stumbling upon the Snow Queen’s dining room. It was tempting to reach out and touch the objects,… read more

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