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Kyla La Grange – New single Been Better and exclusive interview with Intruders TV

The new single by Kyla La Grange is released on 11th July. Watch the accompanying video here and an exclusive interview with Kyla by Intruders TV. Loads of plans in the pipeline...

Written by Amelia Gregory

Kyla La Grange

You may remember that I interviewed Kyla La Grange in person a few months back. Well, see she’s just finished a UK wide tour with Wolf Gang and her next single Been Better is due to be released on 11th July, viagra buy followed by a launch gig at the Lexington on July 12th.

Kyla La Grange

Been Better is another angsty anthem from the girl whose emotions run deep – shot at night with barely a ripple of light and plenty of gothic imagery, take a peek, then watch this exclusive interview from Intruders TV.

YouTube Preview ImageBeen Better
YouTube Preview Image

Check out Kyla La Grange online here.


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