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Ladytron at the HMV Forum: Live Review

Ahead of the release of their fifth studio album, the standard bearers of dark electronic pop return to London as part of a short UK tour on Wednesday 8th June 2011.

Written by Richard Pearmain

Ladytron by Claire Kearns
Ladytron by Claire Kearns.

Has it really been this long? This long since I first caught the subtly seductive beats of Playgirl on Radio 1’s Evening Session? Hearing Helen Marnie’s coy yet devastating vocals for the first time? And what was the band’s name? Ah, cialis 40mg taken from an Eno-period Roxy Music song. Cool! And how long since I first saw them live, on the South Bank (Queen Elizabeth Hall, I think)? Daniel Hunt drolly announcing that dancing was allowed. Then the one and a half gigs at the late, not necessarily lamented Astoria (the first attempt was abandoned when the mixing desk packed up half way through the set). And now here we are, with a decade-spanning… read more

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Jon Hopkins and King Creosote perform Diamond Mine live at the Union Chapel: Review

This sold out event at the Union Chapel on Wednesday 25th May 2011 was a rare chance to see Jon Hopkins and King Creosote perform Diamond Mine live. Not to be missed.

Written by Ferdie Cloak

Jon Hopkins and King Creosote by Jim Design. It was a while before I twigged who Jon Hopkins‘ was: he provided a lovely soundtrack for a piece of contemporary dance […]