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Carbon Fast – worth a go or just a gimmick?

With spring finally on the way, thoughts turn to new projects, and an initiative to cut our personal carbon footprint sounds like it could be just the positive ticket - or does it? The earth section takes a look...

Written by Adam Bollard

Day_8._Eat_by_candlelightCarbon Fast Day 8: Eat by candlelight. All images: Anieszka Banks

Well, pills I'm sure you're all aware of the fact that within the last few weeks we passed into Lent - that period of forty days and nights between Shrove Tuesday and Easter when Christians everywhere are encouraged to give up something dear to them, approved often food-related. Now, I can't profess to being Christian, nor a dedicated subscriber to Lent whenever it swings round each year, but here's something I've come across that has made me sit up and take notice. Tearfund, a UK Christian NGO that works to reduce poverty and change lives around the world through relief and development projects, has come up with a novel twist on this year's Lent - for those willing to… read more

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