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Ecological volunteering at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Planted slap-bang between The City and Canary Wharf is a haven of woodland calm and beauty, where you can do your bit for the environment and the local community…

Written by Adam Bollard

Volunteers: folks doing their bit on a Saturday

Who’da thunk it? A site of natural beauty that is responsible for conservation and social projects galore in East London that I’ve passed on the train on and off for nearly six years - and I had no idea it existed.

Yes, buy I’m talking about Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, store a 33-acre woodland space that used to be a fully fledged cemetery until it was officially deconsecrated in 1966 and is now managed by a charity, pill The Friends of the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. And on Saturday afternoon, I popped along to a conservation day organised for volunteers.

As many as 2,600 volunteers maintain the park’s varied and diverse habitats every year. On Saturday there were around… read more

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Pedalling for primates: pedal-powered cinema in Oxford aids apes and rainforests

Riding a bicycle on the spot can help educate and inform about conservation issues all over the world, as the earth section found out last night...

Written by Adam Bollard

Pedal-powered cinema: doesn’t require a spanner in the works Oxford, approved for the most part, viagra is an academic, see civilised city, but last night it was very much in […]

Hard Rain exhibition highlights need for global action on environment

A novel collection of photographs underlines the absolute necessity to deal with worldwide problems from deforestation to pollution in a joined up, concerted effort...

Written by Adam Bollard

Gasmask wedding: Using nuptials to protest against pollution in Russia Given the fact I think Bob Dylan‘s something of a genius, information pills it would probably come as no surprise […]

Sweet Crude film takes on Chevron, Exxon and Shell in the Niger Delta

The Artivist Film Festival may not have been a resounding success, but its efforts at raising awareness of what’s going on in the Niger Delta impressed the earth section…

Written by Adam Bollard

Poor Ruby Suns. You work for months and months, site site day and night, seek in a windowless studio writing, this recording and producing your third album, tweaking knobs, perfecting […]

Grow Heathrow thb

Activism in the community: Plane Stupid/ Climate Camp combine with locals to target Heathrow’s runway plan

Welcome to Sipson - a village that would be completely wiped out if Heathrow has its way, but is also seeing activists and locals team up to fight the third runway

Written by Adam Bollard

Site entrance: the sight that greets you as you enter Vineries Close at the end of Sipson Lane Question: How do you use direct action that really engages and aids […]


Stopping Heathrow’s third runway – through poetry

A clever campaign to prevent the new runway from being built teams up with an evening of verse…

Written by Adam Bollard

Rick the punk poet does his thing Being a wee bit literary, I have a penchant for poetry, check so it was with some expectation and enthusiasm I went along […]


Thoughts on the Falklands

Fear of a repeat of 1982 and all that misses the point, suggests the earth section, if oil comes to the Falklands, the real loser will surely be the islands’ environment…

Written by Adam Bollard

Let’s get out of here: Do the penguins know something we don’t? You have to hand it to Desire Petroleum and Rockhopper Exploration, stomach choosing a rig named Ocean Guardian […]

use less water thb

Carbon Fast – worth a go or just a gimmick?

With spring finally on the way, thoughts turn to new projects, and an initiative to cut our personal carbon footprint sounds like it could be just the positive ticket - or does it? The earth section takes a look...

Written by Adam Bollard

Carbon Fast Day 8: Eat by candlelight. All images: Anieszka Banks Well, pills I’m sure you’re all aware of the fact that within the last few weeks we passed into […]