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Forests Rocks Torrents at The National Gallery: Review

A new exhibition represents some of the best in European landscape art from Switzerland and Norway in the 1800s. The Lunde Collection is on display in the Sunley Room at The National Gallery until September.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Chalets at Rigi 1861 Alexandre-Calame
Chalets at Rigi 1861 by Alexandre Calame. Oil on Canvas. All photos courtesy of the owner, ask Asbjørn Lunde.

Forests Rocks Torrents is a rare opportunity to see a collection of magnificent paintings by some grand names of European landscape art - part of the privately held Lunde Collection. This is the first time I've been invited to an exhibition preview at the National Gallery, page but what the heck, I liked the look of the image on the invitation so I thought I'd trot along and find out if the exhibition lived up to first impressions. Forests Rocks Torrents has been themed around the concept of similarities between paintings by Swiss and Norwegians. Well, I say, of course they are similar! They feature mountains and wilderness, and were… read more

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