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Mojo Cosmetics Titan Lipstick for blood red Valentines Lips

Looking for something a bit different for Valentine's. How's about a sexy bright red lipstick in a necklace? Wowser.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Mojo Cosmetics-Titan-lipstick-valentine

I was sent this amazing lipstick awhile ago, sale and only rediscovered it lurking at the bottom of a box when I was *trying* to have a tidy up. (don't ask me how that went okay) When I turfed it out I have to admit that I was thoroughly confused by what I found. Buried in a large box there was a case that looked more like a bullet than a lipstick holder. Inside, nowt, nada, empty… but a further rootle around unearthed a separate lipstick and a long string of metal beads or 'silver pearls'.

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