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An interview with Sue Denim, talking about debut solo album And The Unicorn:

Sue Denim is best known as one half of electro clash wonders Robots in Disguise, but she's taken a decidedly different approach to the songs on her debut album, lovingly crafted in Wales...

Written by Amelia Gregory

Sue Denim by Louise Bennetts
Sue Denim by Louise Bennetts.

Sue Denim is one half of electroclash duo Robots in Disguise, who launched with a bang in the same year that I began making Amelia's Magazine: in fact they were featured in the first ever issue. Eight years and several albums down the line RiD have built a huge fanbase, particularly in Europe, where they are much loved. But for now Sue is taking a break: leaving the busy London streets for a simpler life in Wales, where she has lovingly crafted her acoustic debut solo album. And The Unicorn is a world away from the bleeps and shouts of RiD but it nonetheless bears her hallmark bounce in a series of incredibly catchy tunes which wonderfully showcase her sweet soprano voice.

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