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Album review of The Hangman Tree and interview with Laura J Martin

Laura J Martin releases her much anticipated debut album later this month. Time to catch up with this talented multi-instrumentalist with a host of intriguing influences.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Laura J Martin by Alice Nyong
Laura J Martin by Alice Nyong.

Laura J Martin sets out her wares in the album title track and single The Hangman Tree, the sweetest of vocals twirling around languid drums, hand claps and a noodling kazoo. The beat builds to a flute embroidered finale which leads into the stunning Fire Horse, where upon Laura J Martin's favourite wind instrument takes precedence with unusual and beautiful results. Other standouts on the 16 track album include the bouncy Jesse, the frantic spitfire interludes to the lilting Spy and campfire crackling meets rap of Kissabye Goodnight. You read our recent review of her live gig at the Lexington, and now it's time to catch up with Liverpudlian musician read more

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