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Book launch: ‘Your voice in my head’ by Emma Forrest

Emma Forrest has written a beautiful, moving and surprisingly funny account of mental illness. We went to Exmouth Market to hear her read to a spellbound audience.

Written by Jessica Furseth

Illustration by Stephanie Thieullent

‘I’m unhappy about my Wellingtons,’ Emma Forrest says as she makes her way through the packed bookshop. ‘I thought it was going to rain and then it didn’t, and now I’m a little embarrassed.’ She takes her seat next to David Baddiel, the novelist and comedian who will interview her later. I have to admit I tend to frown upon wellie-wearing not merited by the weather too, but I was going to let that go for Emma the wordsmith. But now it seems not only does she write lovely books full of excellent literary quirks, she has sound wellie-sense too.

Considering she’s here to read from a memoir of manic depression and bereavement, Emma is funny. While unafraid to dig into the heart of the subject matter, ‘Your voice in my head’ is at times a book that makes you laugh out loud. ‘It’s important to include humour, no matter how dark the material is,’ says Emma.

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