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Art listings October 19-26

All around town

Written by Jessica Stokes

affordable art fair

Last week the high-rollers were flashing their cash at Frieze, drug but there’s also space in the art world for those of us who aren’t Russian oligarchs. If you love the idea of owning original art but don’t have the in depth knowledge necessary to spend thousands of pounds on something, the Affordable Art Fair is a brilliant place to go: new artists from 120 galleries will be displayed and prices start at just £50.

October 22-25
Battersea Park

carlos garaica

Carlos Garaicoa - The Point, the Line and the Plan

Brand new gallery East Central is holding a free-to-enter exhibition of Cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa’s manipulated photographs. Garaicoa hails from Havana and his work seeks to shed light on the now fading idealistic glory of the city’s buildings, sometimes by contrasting them with American icons like the Empire State Building, or implanting words into views of the city (one sinister message can be seen above). Politics doesn’t sit lightly on Garaicoa’s work, it is an integral part of its message: images of the Pentagon and Cuba’s intelligence buildings drive this home.


Matthew Brannon - Nevertheless

Sculptor Matthew Brannon’s large-scale “I know now no one won” work at the Approach Gallery takes the form of an exquisitely formulated stage set for a play to be performed aboard an ocean liner. A trained graphic designer, Brannon uses the language of shapes and objects against a crisp white background to make his sense known – some works also make use of this skill, with bits and pieces of text shedding light on the artist’s intent. Happily, he also created and crafted each of the objects himself, proving himself a man of many talents.


The Museum Of Everything

Witness the birth of a brand new museum that promises to be London’s first ever space for artists to work outside our modern community. ‘Exhibition #1’ features the whole spectrum of art with over two hundred drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations from these “untrained, unintentional and unseen creators”. Amongst others are Calvin and Ruby Black, a husband & wife team who will exhibit hundreds of figures made from recycled materials. Painter, potter and dancer Ann Stokes is inspired by ballet and presents creations including animals, tableware & trees of birds. There’s free admission and a free shuttle for all visitors to and from Frieze.

October 14th-December 23rd


Drawing The Line: Political Cartooning In An Inoffensive Age

This event will see speakers such as Dave Brown, Martin Rowson and Sarnath Banerjee among others, discussing the rights and wrongs of political cartoons past and present. In an age when anyone who so much as utters an un-PC comment is condemned, do we need cartoonists who are willing to take a chance on good taste in order to make sense of the world we live in? This and other questions will be answered in this Thursday evening.

October 22nd DACS, 33 Great Sutton St, London

pen ship show brick lane

Mr Almos’ Big Pen Ship - The Rag Factory

This Thursday will see the opening of an illustration exhibition that showcases the art of thirteen (magical) illustrators such as George Mellor, Ali Campbell, Chris Martin (not that one) and Matthew Hams. Set in the Rag Factory off Brick Lane, this is worth a look if you appreciate illustration that’s quite charming, a little bit fantastical and very curious. Expect an eclectic cross of styles.

October 22 -26th The Rag Factory.


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